Tuesday, March 19, 2013

To my Daddy...

March 14, 2013

God, please tell my Daddy hi for me and that I love him and I know he's really proud of me when he looks at me from being next to You. 

I telled Mana that I did something special for people today - I held the door open for a bunch of people.  Mana said that's what my daddy would do - acause he always did really nice things for other people.  I'm just like him, you know?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

It Snowed...

Did you get snow?  I got snow!!!  Me and Penny (my puppy) went to spend the night with Mary and when I got home today, there was snow!!! Mary didn't get any snow where she lives but I did.  We went outside for a little while - most of it already melted.  I got to throw some snowballs at my Papa and Mary too.  Mana had the camera, so I couldn't throw any at her.  My puppy and Duke liked the snow too.  

I've been doing a lot of things.  Let me tell you what I've been doing so you know.  I finished basketball and got a big trophy (three weeks ago).  I started playing baseball again and had try outs on Saturday (two weeks ago).  I am on a team called Wildcats.  It is coach's pitch now - I don't play t-ball anymore.  So, I have real baseballs to play with and I have a new bat.  Papa told me I was the youngest one on my team.  We practice two times a week and the games start in March.  I love baseball!  

On February 2nd, I went with Mana because she said we had to do some errands.  Guess what?  She got me a puppy!  I named her Penny Lucy Szari - I have three names and she has three names.  She has grown a lot in just two weeks and eats a lot of food.  I don't like that I have to clean up her poop sometimes and take her outside sometimes but Mana says I have to help since she is my dog.  She is a lab, bull mastiff and hound all mixed.  My other dog, Duke really likes her too and they play a lot together when she goes outside.  She has to sleep in her cage in the day when I go to school.  At night when she is calm, she lays with me sometimes when I watch TV.  Penny has some toys that she likes - especially her rubber duck - because it squeaks.  On Saturday, I have to sleep in my own bed  and Penny will sleep with me then. 

Monday, I don't have school - so I have three days off this time!  Today (Sunday) I was supposed to go rollerskating but I've been pretty grumpy and tired, so Jenny is playing a Batman Lego TV game with me now instead.  We will go skating another time.  Mary is supposed to go with us.  I asked My Jenny to go but she won't go - I asked her why - and she just laughs and says she can't skate.  I know Jackson (Jenny's baby) won't care if she skates so I don't know why she won't skate.  

On Friday night, I have a Cub scouts banquet and will get an award.  Next Sunday, I am going with everybody to see Cherie and Rhylee and Braeden and Averie and Brad. 

I love you, bye!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Daddy

Today is my Daddy's birthday!  Did you know he is 27 today?  I telled Papa we need a cake, and we buyed this GI JOE cake for my daddy's birthday.  It was vanilla cake and I got to light the candles, cut the cake, and serve the cake!  We singed Happy Birthday to my Daddy too.  I know God is having a BIG party for him today in heaven.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello everybody!  I am not so happy that I have to go to school tomorrow and that my break is all over.  

I've been doing so much things!  Thank you to all of you for my cool presents!  Thanks to Grandpa and Gaga and Brandy and Nannie and Papa and Annie and Grandma and Granddaddy and to my Gram and Granddad for so much presents!  I love all of it!  I got all my presents stacked in a huge stack against the wall in my room.  It looks like a big tower!  Papa has been really busy helping me make some stuff.  I maked gum, and a solar robot dog and lots of experiments.  I'm working on my solar system too and Papa said we are gonna be busy for a really long time.  Every day since Christmas, Papa has helped me make like three different things.  Today, I taked a break and was playing games on the Kinect - Brett let me borrow some of his games and I played about 4 hours doing stuff.  I played boxing with Papa today and knocked him out!!  I am sort of excited about Friday acause that's show and tell day but I have so much cool stuff that I'm not sure what to bring first!

On New Year's Eve, Jenny's boyfriend (Brett) came over to my house and bringed lots of fire works.  We shot some of them off and then me and Jenny and Brett made a fire outside and had s'mores.  It was fun.  I didn't stay up late though.  My Papa's been sick so he didn't come outside to watch the fireworks.  Mana did though.  

I can hear God talk to me, you know?  Do you hear God too?  I can hear his voice.  Two days ago, I telled Mana (while in bed) that I could hear Him talking and know what?  He said my daddy loves me very much and is so proud of me (note:  after that, he fell asleep and I was left with the sweet reminder that we are in his life for this time to be blessed by so very much).

I got to go watch my movie now, so bye!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Gingerbread House

This morning, I maked a gingerbread house with My Jenny and Papa.  We did lots of icing and put on candy pieces.  I made a teddy bear on the side of the house.  It was lots of fun.  Then, at 10:30, I had my second basketball game.  My team winned and I scored two baskets by myself!!  My coach said I'm doing really good!  After that, we had to buy groceries and then I helped Papa build rabbit cages outside in my pajamas!  Last night, we went to the zoo in the dark acause they had lots of lights - like millions of lights!  It was really cool.  There were no animals out though - they went to bed.  I did get to see snakes, lizards and fish though (Reptile House).  Today I am sick.  I have a bad cough and sore throat.  Are you well?  I telled Mana and Papa I couldn't go to school on Monday acause I'm coughing.  Papa said "we'll see".

Advent list...

You are keeping up with us, right? My Mana didn't give you the other days, but here's some more and maybe you can do these, if you want to.

15 ~Drive through a light display or walk downtown with hot chocolate as a family.
16 ~ Play a board game together while listening to Christmas music
17 ~ Indoor snowball fight (pillows may be substituted for snowballs)
18 ~ Take a jar of change to the Salvation Army kettle and explain to the kids what they are doing
19 ~ Turn on Christmas music and dance in front of your tree.
20 ~ Watch a classic Christmas movie together
21 ~ Give a secret gift to a neighbor
22 ~ Perform a random act of kindness for a stranger (pay for coffee, cookies for mail carrier, etc.)
23 ~ Make gingerbread pancakes for dinner - have eggnog too
24 ~ Read/act out the Nativity Story
25 ~ take a family picture.  Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent Countdown...

Hello!  My family and me are doing the Advent Countdown.  Do you know what that is?  We have these cards that tell us everyday what to do on each day.  If you want to, you can do it with us.  Here's the list for you...
Day 5      Do something special for a family member that makes their life easier.
Day 6     Watch 'It's a Wonderful Life' together with your family in your PJs and eat popcorn
Day 7     Make/decorate a Yule Log (my Papa drilled holes in a log for candles and stuff)
Day 9     Make Salt Dough Ornaments for the tree (we have a snowflake cookie cutter for ours)
Day 10   Paint salt dough ornaments and put some ribbon on and hang on a tree

That's some days for you.  I can give you some more days later.  I am getting tired of standing here with Mana.  Did you see the picture of that white teddy bear?  On Day 2, we shopped for a toy to buy for someone who doesn't have no presents.  At my school, we have a Christmas stocking and we buyed three matchbox cars for it.  Mana buyed the white bear for me to take to the fire station to give to some kid when there is an emergency.  BUT, I want to keep the bear now and don't want to give it away.  It is really soft.

Oh, know what?  The tooth fairy came again! Actually, she was too busy acause I lost my tooth on Thanksgiving and she didn't come.  The next morning, there was a note from her!! She didn't forget to come - she just was taking a break acause it was a holiday.  And know what?  She brought me this golden coin - it's a dollar.  I know other people don't have these.  The note said my tooth was very special and that's why I got a special coin. I'm going to take it to show and tell on Friday to show my teacher and class!  I'm going to take the note too!!